What are the Cataract Surgery Risks?

Although rare, there are several risks, which may be associated to cataract surgery. Infection. Fortunately, due to modern sterilization techniques and the use of powerful antibiotic eye drops before and after the procedure, the risk of infection from modern cataract surgery is extremely low. Bleeding. Dr. Switch uses an advanced technique, assisted by a femtosecond laser, [...]

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What are the benefits of Cataract Surgery?

Color Vision will be improved after surgery. Often, colors are much more vibrant after surgery. Clarity is typically improved. Many people notice that they no longer struggle to read road signs or the fine print on the television. Restoration of lost function. Many people wait to have cataract surgery until has affected their ability to drive, do [...]

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What is the recovery time after surgery?

Modern Cataract Surgery has done away with the necessity of a long post-operative healing phase. In the past, large incisions required suturing, overnight hospitalizations and resulted in the need for very powerful corrective eyeglasses. Today, Dr. Switch’s patients are sent home from the surgery center usually within an hour of the surgery. They receive several [...]

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When should I have cataract surgery?

The time to undergo cataract removal is based on several factors. When a cataract starts to limit the activities and normal activities of a patient, it is time to start talking about correcting the cataract. For some individuals, such as airline pilots, even the slightest decrease in vision may indicate time for surgical intervention. Others [...]

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What are the causes of Cataracts?

The exact causes remain unclear. Cataracts have been diagnosed and treated for thousands of years, though the methods to treat it have advanced considerably, nothing has been developed prevent cataracts. Though rare, some forms of cataracts are a result of blunt trauma to the eye or exposure to radiation. Medications such as steroids can cause [...]

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Is cataract Surgery Safe?

Cataract surgery is one of the most successful procedures in America. With success rates well over 98%, cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures performed today. Dr. Switch, with years of expertise in cataract surgery, utilizes the safest methods and most advanced technology to further reduce the already minimal risks associated with cataract surgery.

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Will I need to wear glasses?

Most standard artificial lens implants only correct for one focal point and do not restore your ability to see both near and far. When we are younger, our natural lens allows us to accommodate and focus on close object and far objects. This means that after cataract surgery, you will need a prescription to see [...]

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