My experience having Cataract Surgery was excellent! Initially I was apprehensive. However, that was soon dispelled by Dr. Switch. He took the time to explain everything in detail. The past two years he informed me that I had Cataracts but it was up to me to decide if my vision was okay or have surgery. During this past year, my vision had significantly declined. I was seeing “double” at times and on-coming traffic at night blinded me. I decided that it was time. Dr. Switch explained the various lenses available. I opted for the newest lense called, Vivity. This lense eliminates the “halos” around headlights and even works with my eyes having a slight stigmatism. I had both eyes done two weeks apart. Shelby performed my Cataract Exam and explained the Pre and Post Surgery care. Surgery went smoothly. Dr. Switch talked with me during surgery which helped put me at ease. Everyone on Staff is friendly and efficient from, Valerie and Kim at the front desk, to the Technicians, Shelby, Theresa, and Shae, I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Follow-up is quite thorough. Dr. Switch saw me the day after surgery to make sure everything was going as planned. Then we met each week for three weeks. My vision is so much better now. I no longer need to wear my glasses to use the computer. No more “double” vision. No more “halos” around headlights at night. Why I went to Dr. Switch in the first place was when my mom had dementia several years ago. I took her to Dr. Switch. He and Theresa were very patient and kind to my mom. They treated her with the utmost respect. Check out Switch Eye Center! You won’t be disappointed.

Michael Boyda