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Cataract Sugery Vision Packages

You have options when it comes to Cataract Surgery and we know many of our patients do their research before they make an appointment. We make it easier to understand the different cataract surgery options available to you with the table below. Review your options to find the best fit for your lifestyle and call us to make an appointment.

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Vision Package Options

Basic Manual Cataract Surgery for Distance Correction

  • Single-Focus Lens – No Laser
  • Traditional procedure for basic DISTANCE correction
  • Glasses / Bi-Focals will be needed for all near vision correction issues and possible distance vision
  • This surgical option does not correct Astigmatism or Near Vision.

Bladeless Laser Distance Vision Correction

  • with ORA Aberrometry
  • Custom laser procedure for the best distance correction
  • Can be used with or without astigmatism-correcting IOL.
  • Provides laser-precision to correct astigmatism
  • Improved distance vision correction with this surgial option vs the basic manual cataract surgery and with faster healing
  • Does not correct near vision

Bladeless Laser Full Range of Vision Restoration

  • with ORA Aberrometry
  • Custom designed procedure utilizing our most advanced intra-ocular lenses with astigmatic correction to provide the widest range of uncorrected vision possible
  • Allows for the best opportunity to be free from glasses and offers additional intra-op measurements of the eye for accurate implant power (ORA)
  • Reading glasses may be necessary for some fine print activities.
  • Great surgical option if you lead an active lifestyle

Patient Testimonials

I was treated for cataract surgery in May/June 2022. My experience was very satisfactory. First of all, the receptionists at the office are exceptional. Very friendly, good eye contact and they remembered my name each time I made a visit. I was seen quickly each time I had an appointment. The technicians were professional and pleasant and Dr. Switch took the time to explain in detail what the surgery would be like. He was patient and did not rush through any of my consultations with him. The staff at Beaumont commented on how easy he is to work with and that impressed me. The atmosphere at the office was very friendly (no grumpy faces there) every time I was there. I also had the opportunity to be seen by Dr. Rasansky and he too made me feel comfortable. I would recommend this practice to anyone who needs cataract surgery.


Highly recommend this facility!! Dedicated staff, sensitive, caring people. Their patient’s needs come first here. Dr. RASANSKY saved my eye sight!! Awesome staff!!


Everyone there were very nice and knowledgeable and my Doctor Michael Rasansky,was very nice and very professional. I went to svs vision center at Goddard and Pardee road before and there’s no comparison.The people at svs were rude and not very knowledgeable.


Dr.Switch Did my cataract surgery and turned out very well. Over a year now! Awesome medical eye center and staff.