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Shealynn SwitchShealynn Switch
21:37 22 Mar 24
Jeannie, thank you for your review. I took a look into your visit and procedure, so I could have a better understanding and address your concerns. Unfortunately, the procedure you had is not considered a surgery by any insurance company, so your insurance doesn't offer any covered post op or follow up care. In most cases we don't even bring patients back for a follow up visit, except in rare cases when they are put on a drops that can have a side affect that should be monitored while using. As to the credit you had on your account. We do our best to encourage our patients to keep an eye on their explanation of benefits to make sure copays, deductible and coinsurance amounts make since. I apologize that we didn't catch your copay credit of $30.00 sooner. And finally, we hope that you appreciate that we did see you the same day you called with your urgent eye issue.Paul, I am sorry that you feel I am being dismissive. The truth is, I did investigate your complaint prior to responding. This is how I am positive that you were scheduled with the other eye clinic and doctor that rent space in the same commercial building as “Switch Eye Center”. I have no control of a separately owned and operated business simply because we rent space at the same location. There are 2 business names on the sign. Our doctor, is Dr. Switch and he was not even in the office on the day in question. You can always google the doctor you are referring too, and check out the actual name of his business, and maybe move your complaint to the correct business. That’s what I was hoping you would do originally.We welcome all reviews, good or bad. But to Paul Plester, you are not a patient at "Switch Eye Center". I feel if you are going to make a bad review, you should verify the name of the business and/or the doctor you saw. There are actually 2 different Eye Care Businesses in this office space, and they separately owned and operated.
15:07 12 Mar 24
First place I've ever been to that charges co pays on post op visits. The charge for surgery isn't enough for them. Front desk billing is also not knowledgeable or know anything thats goes on with billing with no corporate office to inquire, she "front desk" says oh you have a credit from 6 years ago?? What if I never came back there? You don't send refunds back to your customers?
Donna AdkinsDonna Adkins
16:06 03 Nov 23
Doctors and staff very helpful.
Thomas MosherThomas Mosher
14:22 03 Nov 23
Very nice and friendly
21:21 02 Nov 23
Dr. Switch is easy to talk to, does excellent work, amenable characteristics, eased any concerns, helpful staff, instructions were communicated very well & great after care.
sandy hinessandy hines
19:39 02 Nov 23
They are some amazing people that work at this center, everyone is so nice and friendly and I highly recommend Dr. Switch, since having my cateracs removed I can see and everything so clear bright. Thank you everyone and Dr Switch for the amazing team, I recommend them. Thank you 😊
Cliff GibsonCliff Gibson
20:56 01 Nov 23
Had cataract surgery on both eyes (not at the same time). Very satisfied, was even impressed with the outcome of the surgery. 20/20 vision. Experienced no pain during surgery or after. Office and hospital very professional and kind. Doctor told me exactly what to expect. Talked to me right through the surgery. Was very professional. Nothing unexpected. Thank you Switch Eye Center.
Donald MongrainDonald Mongrain
18:19 02 Oct 23
Dr. Rosansky and his staff are very thorough and professional!
Robert MccurryRobert Mccurry
18:15 25 Sep 23
The staff was wonderful, the facility was very clean. Dr. Rasansky was helpful, and did a good job.
Mark McCormickMark McCormick
17:28 20 Sep 23
Eye surgery is one of the things that can be scary for most of us. When it was becoming difficult to determine the color of a traffic signal it was time to do something about it. After consulting my friends and family looking for solutions, I was referred to Dr. Rasansky at the Switch Eye Center. I am beyond words with the results following replacement of lenses in both eyes. Dr. Rasansky is a genuine down to earth and talented person who with his team restored my vision to where it was before I began wearing glasses 30 years ago. 5 star rating is not enough. Thank you all !
Kristi McLaughlinKristi McLaughlin
00:19 13 Sep 23
Look no further. Dr Switch and his amazing staff, are hands down by far the best ever…..It was so nice to hear Dr Switch tell my Mother that he really wants to help her see again. It actually brought tears to my eyes hearing this… My Mother has Copd and is on oxygen 24/7, CHF, and can’t walk on her own. Dr Switch was not the first place we took our Mother. The Dr in Brownstown said he could not help my Mother basically due to her health, and referred us to Dr Switch, but he wasn’t the only one… The week after My Mother’s cataract surgery we had a follow- up appointment to see how her eye progressed. The wonderful lady asked My Mother how she feels now after the surgery, and she said she felt reborn. I can honestly say and so can my Mother that if it wasn’t for Dr Switch and his compassion to really WANT to help people, she probably would have never gotten the surgery….
Sue JohnstonSue Johnston
01:01 14 May 23
Dr Switch and staff create a comfortable and professional environment. Dr. Switch takes the time to explain any eye issues and answer questions. Five stars for sure.
Theresa fryTheresa fry
05:26 18 Mar 23
I cannot thank Dr Rasansky for giving me back the gift of sight. My eyes were so bad I couldn’t even see the screen for the initial exam. I knew I needed cataract surgery but I was scared to death to do it. I put it off for 5 years. My vision was so bad I could not drive at night and if it was raining, I was in real trouble. I met with him and his staff and they were absolutely amazing. They were patient with me, totally understood the fear I had. Everything was explained to me and I asked questions. I agreed because I knew if I didn’t I could lose my vision permanently and that scared me more than the surgery. I had the laser and then the removal of cataract with lenses placement. I was given medication that I didn’t care what they did to me. He was there talking to me, encouraging me and giving me empathetic care to get me thru. Although it’s surgery, it was quick, pretty much painless, I just felt pressure no pain. All the staff are perfect for the jobs they do. If I were to do it again, it would be Dr Rasansky that would touch my eyes. He’s the best as far as I’m concerned.Thank you Dr for your wonderful care and the attentiveness from your staff. It was all perfect! The best part, I can see better than I’ve seen since I was about 6 years old! The colors the lightening of the dark from the cataract, amazing!!! Simply. The Best out there!!! ♥️
Moe AwadMoe Awad
14:49 06 Mar 23
Got my lasek done by Dr. Switch 2 years ago. It's great and I would recommend anyone to do it. Dr. Switch is not a money hungry savage like some other doctors. My wife and I both went in for consultations and he only would accept me as a patient because my wife was not a candidate. All my eye problems are behind me now and I dont have the worry about glasses anymore. Thanks Dr. Switch!!

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